Liverpool vs Manchester United | Barclays Premier League 2011/2012 | Live

Despite it being a Premier League clash, there will be more on the minds of these two teams as a win will not only mean three points but also ultimately a chance stick to one over the other. And United would very much be looking forward to exact some revenge over their early FA Cup exit.

The Red Devils are hot on the heels of the Blue side from Manchester with only two points separating the top two. A win on Saturday would most certainly up the pressure on Manchester City that is set to be taking on Aston Villa a day later.

The team from Merseyside on the other hand is keeping Arsenal and Newcastle United on their toes with only three points separating the sides. Furthermore, a vital victory over their closest rivals could also significantly hamper the Manchester side’s hope of obtaining a 20th league title.

Astro Channel 812 ESPN
Saturday, February 11th 2012
Live from Old Trafford

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  1. liverpool 2 - 1 MU hehehe
    jgn lupa layan jugak liga tempatan
    pd masa yg sama 8.45 mlm

  2. ramalan deme tepat
    2 - 1

  3. MU menang. Kelantan menang! haha..

    1. Hebat!!
      TAHNIAH Kelantan di tahta
      teratas liga sekarang :)

  4. man u menang 2-1...hehe...

    ramalan akhi Zulkbo tepat..ramalan AUC terbalik...hehe

    1. Sekadar meneka..tak sangka
      pula betul..jangan pula nanti
      dianggap sebagai pawang bola
      pula ye..he he

    2. hehe..ada bakat nujum pak belalang versi moden :D

      menerka dan kebetulan betul..